The Best Dog Names

Are you adding a new puppy or dog to your family? Congratulations! The first thing people think about as soon as they get their new pet home is, what are the best dog names? Selecting the right name for your dog is very important because its name you will be saying several times a day and you may even be yelling outside more times then you want to admit.

Tips for choosing the best dog names:

  1. Decide first if you’re more of a silly name or a human name kind of person. Fluffy Vs. Henry.
  2. Keep it short. Nobody wants to call for Princess Fluff Ball Jones 20x a day.
  3. Think about things or people you enjoy. It’s always fun to name your pet after a celebrity.
  4. Keep it PC. There will be times you will have to give people your dog’s name and that could get embarrassing.
  5. Dont choose a name similar to a command.
  6. Also considered their previous name if your new pooch is a rescue, try to stick with similar sounds. The old Hank could be your new Tank.
  7. Keep it fun! Get your friends and family involved. Take a FB poll!

If you are bringing a new dog home Patty to the Rescue is here to help you! It can be challenging to establish new routines with new pets, especially if you work outside the home. Patty can help you! Contact us today to learn about the services we can provide you and your pet.

The Best Dog Names
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