Pet Sitter Arlington

Welcome to Patty to the Rescue; #1 pet sitter Arlington! Have you considered hiring a pet sitter? Well, look no further! Patty is the one you want to trust to care for your pets and your home when you are away. Sure, you could drop your pooch of at doggy day care, but what if your dog doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs? Or what if new environments cause them too much stress? Or what if you would prefer not to add one more thing to your busy schedule? That’s where a pet sitter steps in. Patty is very versatile and flexible with her schedule and can work around what is best for your pet and for your schedule. She can help you long term or just on a as needed basis. And she doesn’t just take care of dogs! She has experience and feels comfortable taking care of all types of animals. She can also water plants in your home, bring in your packages, and more.

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If you have considered hiring a pet sitter to make your life and your pets life easier, today is the day! Patty to the Rescue is here to help you! Contact her to discuss what your needs are today.

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