Keeping Pets Safe in Cold Weather

Winter around here comes and goes without any notice sometimes! It’s important that we keep out four-legged family members in mind during the harsh weather. Some breeds of dogs enjoy colder weather due to their dense coat that protects them from the elements. Dogs like the Akita, Anatolian Shepherd, Chow Chow, and Burmese Mountain Dog were bred to withstand the cold and might enjoy a romp through the snow. Even these dogs that can withstand the elements need to be protected from harsh weather conditions.Keeping Pets Safe in Cold Weather

Tips For Keeping Pets Safe In Cold Weather

Give them Shelter! This is the most important thing when it comes to cold or wet weather. If you choose to keep your pet outdoors for the majority of the day, they need a safe place to get out the weather. You will need to create a draft-free shelter that is off the ground and stays dry. The best place for your pet is always indoors with their family as much as possible.
Another important thing is to keep your pet hydrated by giving them access to fresh water all day. Staying warm takes a lot of energy so, supplying them with fresh food and water is important.

Don’t ever leave your pet alone in the car. Your car gets cold very quickly and that can be fatal for your pet.

Keeping Pets Safe in Cold WeatherIf you have stray cats around your house, consider creating a cat house that will provide these animals with a safe place to warm up this winter. Often times cats will get under the hood of the car after we have come home because its warm and provides them with cozy shelter through the night, but this can be deadly for them when we go to start our car in the morning. This is why beating on your hood is a good idea to scare out any strays. Check out this great idea for a homemade cat shelter.

If you need assistance with Keeping Pets Safe in Cold Weather, Patty to the Rescue Pet Sitting can help! Patty can come to your home during the day while your at work or school and let your pet out for a quick potty break or a walk but keep them safe during the colder weather. Dogs and cats love when Patty comes for a visit! They know it’s time for belly rubs and love. Contact Us today!

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