How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog

All dogs are cute, right? And if you add in puppies, forget about it! The first thing we notice about dogs is how cute they are, there color, and pattern; bit it’s so important to know some things about the breed you are looking into to ensure you get a pet that fits into your lifestyle. There are so many things to consider when you are choosing a dog, such as energy level, shedding, size, and more. Always do your research and ask questions! If you have small children, it’s important to know the dog’s history with small children who are learning.

Things to consider when choosing a breed:How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog

  • How big will this breed be when its full grown?
  • How much does the dog shed? Are you allergic?
  • How often will the dog need to be walked?
  • Is this a breed that will require more maintenance? Grooming?
  • Is this a breed that needs a companion animal?

Just a few things to consider when you are considering adding a 4-legged family member to the house. When you take the time to understand the breed you are choosing and select based on your preference, it’s more likely that you will have an easier transition and a pet for life.

If you choose a breed with a high-energy level that will require attention during the day while you are working, consider hiring a dog walker! Patty the Rescue Pet Sitter does just that! Contact Patty today to learn more about what she can do for you and your pooch!

How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog

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