Dog Sitter

Are you in need of a dog sitter? Patty to the Rescue Pet Sitting is just the person to call! With over 164 million pet owners in the United States, these kinds of services are in great demand. Most of us love our pets as our children and it can be hard to say goodbye to them at the start of the long work day, knowing it could be 10-12 hours before we see them again. For a lot of pets this means being extremely bored or even anxious all day. Bored and anxious feelings for an animal usually leads to bad behavior or a discontentment. We all want to have happy, well behaved pets! In steps Patty, the dog sitter!

What is a Dog Sitter?

A dog sitter is a animal lover who will take care of a variety of needs for your pet. She will come to your home and give your dog a good walk that will help release his energy, as well as give him a chance to use the restroom and get some fresh air. The last thing we want to do right when we walk in the door is grab the leash and head right back out. Allowing a dog sitter to walk your dog during the day means your pooch will be ready to lay down at your tired feet. A dog sitter can also feed, water, and play with your pup. New puppies may find being kenneled for long hours impossible. Why cause them the stress?

Patty is committed to treating your dog like one of her own! She gives each dog love, care and responds to their individual needs. She happily serves the Arlington, TX area seven days a week. Your dog with be in good, loving l hands with Patty. Check out her prices here. Call today at 817-707-4217 or email at

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